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About #TweetInsurance

Now you can get quotes, policy status, claim status, policy PDFs, branch locations, network hospital locations and even buy insurance through easy steps on Twitter.

All you have to do is follow us @BajajAllianz and avail our services by sending a tweet or DM (Direct Message) with the relevant hashtags and you will get instant updates. Be sure to mention @BajajAllianz in your tweet.

The responses will be sent as a DM (Direct Message) which only you can view, so your privacy is protected.

Know which Hashtag to use


If you're looking for the entire list of our hashtags, tweet to us with #TweetInsurance
Click on the icons below to know how you can use each hashtag!

How it Works

Go through our tutorial video to know how to go about availing our services on Twitter and get started with #TweetInsurance

FAQs about using #TweetInsurance

  • 1) Who is eligible for #TweetInsurance?
  • Anyone and everyone who wants to avail our services or buy any of our products like car, health, travel, home and two wheeler insurance can use #TweetInsurance. You just need to have a Twitter account.
  • 2) Do I need to register to avail these services on Twitter?
  • No need to register for this service separately. As long as you have a Twitter account, you can get started by following us at @BajajAllianz. Tweet or send us a DM (Direct Message) with the relevant hashtag based on the service you wish to avail. To get the entire list of hashtags, tweet to us using #TweetInsurance.
  • 3) What services can I avail with #TweetInsurance?
  • #TweetInsurance allows you to do a lot of things with a simple tweet. You can avail the following services:
    • Get quotes on various products
    • Get instant information about branch and network hospital locations
    • Get a status update about your claim or policy
    • Know claims procedure details
    • Get your policy soft copy
    • Buy insurance online
  • 4) How do I get started with #TweetInsurance?
  • Follow us at @BajajAllianz so you can receive DMs from us. Then you can go ahead and tweet to us or send us a DM (direct message) with the relevant hashtag.
  • 5) What should I tweet to avail #TweetInsurance services?
  • You can choose from the list of hashtags for individual services. Or you can use #TweetInsurance to get the complete list of hashtags.
  • 6) How secure and safe are my transactions on Twitter?
  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of your data. No one can view your interactions with us. We send you the requested details via a DM (direct message) on your personal Twitter handle which is visible only to you.