Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I return before the last-day of my policy period?

In case of any early return of the insured person prior to expiry of the policy period the company will refund premium at the following rates subject to no claims being incurred on the policy.

Period of Risk
Rate of Premium Retained by Company
Above 50% of Policy Period
100% of Premium
Between 40-50% of Policy Period
80% of Premium
Between 30-40% of Policy Period
75% of Premium
Between 20-30% of Policy Period
60% of Premium
Policy inception-20% of Policy Period
50% of Premium
2. Is there any network of hospitals if I go with Bajaj Allianz overseas medical insurance?

No, there is no network of hospitals, the insured is free to visit any hospital or doctor.

3. Can I buy insurance from overseas for my parents who live in India and coming to visit me? Will this policy be a valid insurance?

Yes, you can buy Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance plan for your parents and relatives using international debit or credit cards. The email copy of the policy is a valid legal document and proof of your insurance cover.

4. How can I renew an existing policy being overseas if the stay is extended?

The plan can be renewed online by filling a form before 7-10 days of the expiry of coverage. We will get an approval from the concerned team for an extension of the policy within 24 hours. Travelers can initially buy the policy for 180 days and renew the same plan for another 180 days. Similarly students can buy the policy for one year and later renew the policy for the one more year.

5. What information do I need to complete the online application?

All the information required to complete the application is available in the applicants passport. The main data elements are the applicants complete name, passport number, date of birth, mailing address and telephone number in India, the assignee (the beneficiary for the policy in the event of death or dismemberment of the traveler) and the correct travel dates

6. Does Bajaj Allianz travel insurance cover for medical expenses also?

The minimum duration varies for different insurance plans. It is typically for as little as five days.

7. What are the benefits of Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy?

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy covers the insured for medical expenses incurred during travelers' overseas visit. The terms and conditions of travel insurance coverage is available in the plan brochure.

8. What is the procedure to claim?

In case of inpatient hospitalization medical expenses the insured or their close ones should intimate the insurance company and give policy details. Insurance company will speak to the hospital and arrange for direct billing. In the event of outpatient medical, the claims procedure varies depending on the plan chosen.

9. Can I get travel medical insurance for senior citizens who are above 70 years?

Yes, senior citizen travelers who are aged 71 to 85 years are also eligible to buy Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy for 6 months with $50,000 coverage. Refer to Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen Travel Insurance for more details.

10. What is the proof of my purchased insurance?

When the insurance application and the payment is completed online, you will immediately get a confirmation email along with insurance details. You will then get a policy document in the PDF format by email (within a few hours and at most within one working day). The policy document will have your name, policy number, insurance company's contact information such as the toll-free telephone number and the address where claims should be submitted.

11. Where should I call for claims assistance while I am abroad?

One of the important features of this policy is Emergency Cash Advance. It is an assistance service, wherein the company facilitates providing emergency cash to the insured during incidents such as theft/burglary of luggage/money or hold ups by co-coordinating with the insured person's relatives in India to provide emergency cash assistance to the insured person as per his requirement, up to the limit specified in the policy schedule.

In case of any claim or assistance abroad call Toll-Free Numbers :

Originating Country
Dialed Number
USA (001)
186658 76903
Canada (001)
186691 43705
Austria (043)
990+800 10002005
990+800 10002005
Denmark (045)
990+800 10002005
France (033)
990+800 10002005
Germany (049)
990+800 10002005
Hungary (036)
990+800 10002005
Ireland (353)
990+800 10002005
Italy (039)
990+800 10002005
Malaysia (060)
990+800 10002005
Netherlands (031)
990+800 10002005
New Zealand (064)
990+800 10002005
Norway (047)
990+800 10002005
Philippines (063)
990+800 10002005
Portugal (351)
990+800 10002005
Spain (034)
990+800 10002005
Sweden (046)
990+800 10002005
Swizerland (041)
990+800 10002005
UK (044)
990+800 10002005
Finland (358) - carrier TS
990+800 10002005
Finland (358) - carrier Elisa
990+800 10002005
Hong Kong (852)
001+800 10002005
Israel (972)
014+800 10002005
Singapore (065)
001+800 10002005
So. Korea (082) - carrier Telecom
001+800 10002005
So. Korea (082) - carrier Dacom
002+800 10002005
Thailand (066)
001+800 10002005
Japan (081) - carrier Tele
0041-010+800 10002005
Japan (081) - carrier IDC
0061-010+800 10002005
Japan (081) - carrier NTT
0033-010+800 10002005
Japan (081) - carrier KDD
001-010+800 10002005
Australia (061)
0011+800 10002005

When dialing a universal toll free number the caller must first dial the appropriate country's int'l access code (+) as illustrated above.

Tel : 91-20-3030 58 58
Fax : 91-20-30512207

Call Toll Free : 1800-102-5858 (for BSNL/MTNL lines only) or 020-30305858